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The Excessive Administration Of Erection Enhancement Pills Can Lead To Adverse Side-Effects

Any user of erection enhancement pills should realize that these pills are medication and as any medication they should be treated seriously. If they are administered in excessive numbers, just for fun, then you may have some serious trouble waiting ahead of you.

Some brands of erection enhancement pills have increased their sales by more than 300% last year as compared to the previous one. The sales are actually skyrocketing and, no doubt, the manufacturers of enhancement medications are heading for another very good year, since the sales are projected to score even higher. That means that more and more male persons are becoming dependant on the erection enhancement pills with every year.

As reported by Dr. Jolly Kensal, a well-known sexologist, the number of patients with serious problems caused by excessive and unnecessary usage of erection pills has been growing significantly in these latter days. All those people are now suffering because they have been on erection pills for too long. The majority of them did not have any reasons to take erection enhancement pills to begin with; they did not have any troubles with erection dysfunction and never needed a pill to remedy the problem. Nevertheless, they took pills just for fun, weekend after weekend and then every few days. What made them administer medications that they did not have any need in? The most common answer is "to prolong erection and make it harder". They all wanted to become sexual monsters in bed and drive their partners just crazy with enjoyment. For these purposes it is better, some test-rx to take testosterone supplements, they are less dangerous.

At first everything went just great for those patients; they happily boasted their sexual zeal and stamina. Without even realizing it, they became hooked to their medications and discovered, to their bitter surprise that they gradually lost the ability of getting erection in natural way. According to some of their reports, the excessively prolonged performance led to terrible instances of fatigue in their manhood after having sex; the recovery become more painful and difficult with each time. And, to make things even worse, they found it more and more difficult to get natural erections.

Millions and millions of erection pill users all over the world are doing the same thing as Dr Jolly's patients. Just for fun they overuse and misuse the erection enhancement medications, such as Cialis, which just are not to be treated that way. These persons even do not realize the trouble they are getting into.

Sooner or later they will have to pay a heavy price for their lack of common sense. The functionality of erection enhancement pills is based on special agents - vasodilators, which facilitate inflow of blood into the tissues of the penis shaft and cause an erection. These medications, for instance, Cialis are meant for treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). If the erection pills are taken by a person who does not suffer from ED disorder, they will give an effect of harder and longer-staying erection. But unnaturally strong and long erection leads to harmful stress of penile tissues, which are not ready for additional overloads. The body will react to the stress with fatigue and ache. Unnaturally overstress penis will gradually lose its ability to respond next time to a natural stimulation. In the long run, the over-fatigued manhood can become totally dependant on intake of erection enhancement pills to produce adequate erection at all.

Any healthy person that does not suffer from problems of erectile dysfunction should clearly realize that the natural erection should not be artificially pumped up with a stimulant. The additional sexual prowess and stamina brought by the stimulating effect of erection pill will inevitably become more and more short-lived after sometime. By misuse of erection pills an otherwise healthy person may fall a victim of permanent condition of erectile dysfunction.

Bear in mind the primary principle "Too much of a good thing is not good" This applies to all things, including sexual stamina and hard, long-staying erections!