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Acquiring a Much More Impressive Manhood without Christie Brinkley & Penile Pills - Is It a Myth or Reality?

The topic of penis enhancement is one of the most popular among the male audience on the Internet. One of the most aggressively and attractively promoted methods of penile enhancement is penile pills. But is it really possible to get positive results of penis enhancement without taking any medication? For instance, when you happen to be allergic to some components of the pills formulation? Attempts to get a more "well-hung" manhood without taking pills can seem a difficult task to achieve. The other question is the increase in girth too, not only in length. Who needs a long, but pathetically thing manhood?

In this short article I would like to share with you some useful advice and tips related to acquiring a bigger "manly spear" without taking any medications. If you want to learn more - the nutritional supplements for prostate care.

And a penis that is more impressive both in length and girth is a wonderful sexual instrument to bring lots of additional satisfaction to your female partner in bed, including really explosive orgasm. Remember my word, she will be impressed!

There are three main methods of getting a bigger penis without having to take pills, and these methods actually yield positive results.

1. The first method to make your penis larger in length and girth is to undergo penile correction have surgery. I can tell straight away, this method of penis enhancement is the most expensive and most risky. You will have to part with a considerable amount of funds, several thousand dollars, depending on how the thing would develop. You will have to make tests, then have the surgery procedure itself, then suffer through a lengthy period of rehabilitation. And because of quite possible complications and side-effects, the desired result is not guaranteed at all! Just think of it! The majority of specialists in penile surgery are strongly against doing this operation out of purely cosmetic reasons, without serious indications.

2. Another penile enhancement method is to apply this or that kind of penis enlargement devices, which are widely available at the related market today. For instance, many prefer to use vacuum penis pumps, on the other hand, traction penis extenders are gaining popularity. But to tell you the truth, this way is not totally safe and the desired final results are not guaranteed 100%. Yes, it should be acknowledged, in many cases the devices do their job, and do it well. But there is no guarantee they will work for you. And you should be very cautious with them; there are a lot of cases reported when too enthusiastic users permanently damaged their reproductive organ because of using penile enhancement gadgets. Besides, the gadgets are not distributed for free, you know, though they, of course, are much, much more affordable than penile surgery.

3. The safest and the most affordable way to make your manhood more impressive both in length and girth is to practice some well-tested system of penile exercises. There are no risks of side-effects, no chemical medications to take into your system, no risks of a costly surgery. The exercises are very simple, easy to learn and to practice. You can have your exercising sessions in a comfortable privacy of your own home. That means you have total control over all the stages of the whole process. The most popular systems are the Jelqing method and Towel method.

The penile exercises have come to be very popular today, since they bring actual permanent results of the penis enhancement. But that is not the only positive thing you will acquire from practicing the system. Apart from a bigger manhood you will get a pleasant bonus of better erection and better staying power - you can forget about premature ejaculations! So, why are you still hesitant which method to give preference to?