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Prevagen, is not bbbbad to the bone

Dear Doctor, Is Prozac really that bad? I am not depressed, but I feel better since my doctor prescribed it 2 years ago. I saw a commercial for Sarafem which has the same medicine in it, should I switch over? Lidia in Minneapolis, Min.

Dear Lidia, Thank you for writing. No, Prozac is not a bad medicine at all. It is one of my medicines of choice for patients with chronic pain, chronic stress and fatigue. It is one of many medicines used for depression, but its use is not limited to that diagnosis. I have noticed a "depression" that is different from the mental disorder of depression. The "depression" I see with my patients is more like a fatigue, the blues, from ongoing pain and difficulty sleeping. Most patients with pain do not sleep well, and feel a little "depressed" because of lack of hope offered by the medical community. I use Prozac for my patients to restore Serotonin, which is exhausted with stress and pain. Prozac got a lot of bad publicity when certain people did "bad" things and tried to blame it on their medicine. People with antisocial behaviors are going to be on some kind of medicine to help, and until recently Prozac was one of few choices. The medicine did not make people do bad things. Sarafem is a new medicine approved for PMS. It is made by the same company as Prozac, Eli Lilly, and is basically the same medicine. If your medicine is working well for you, there is no need to change it. Don't fix what isn't broken. Lightly helpers in the fight against depression can be dietary supplements.

Dear Doctor, I am turning 65 years old this week. I know I have to get Medicare. Do I need to keep my other insurance too? Edith from Bonaire, Georgia

Dear Edith, Medicare has 2 parts, A and B. Medicare covers hospital visits and doctor visits, and laboratory work and x-rays. Medicare does not provide for any prescriptions. If your current insurance has a prescription plan I would recommend keeping it. Medicines are very costly. Depending on your insurance plan, your Medicare should cover 80%, and your secondary plan will cover the additional 20%. Talk with both the Medicare people and your insurance carrier to find out full details. Happy Birthday.