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How Big the Biggest Penis Should Actually Be? - Penis Enlargement Methods that Really Produce Results

The majority of male population, among the adult age groups with active sexual inclinations have a definite tendency towards the centuries-old popular belief - "The size does matter". Among many men the concentration on the necessity to have a monster penis has become a kind of behavioral fixation. The common trend nowadays can be described as follows: "the bigger, the longer and the harder - the better"!

In such a competitive environment male individuals with small penis began to feel uncomfortable, insecure and inadequate. They suffer from the fears to appear unattractive to the better sex in respect of love-making performance. Many of them just can stand the risk of humiliation and consequently lose any appetite for love-making. The worst in this situation is the fact that many of men, suffering from the tiny penis syndrome, actually have quite adequate penis size. But they have become so much indoctrinated by the ideas of having the biggest penis, which are being energetically disseminated through Internet and mass media advertisement that no wonder they became absolutely dissatisfied with normal-size penises, which Mother Nature endowed them with! Nothing less than the biggest penis in the neighborhood would bring them peace of mind!

The popularity of the notion of "the biggest penis" can be easily proved if you do some research online. Just type the phrase "the biggest penis in the world" in the search line of your favourite search engine. The result is guaranteed to bring hundreds of links to be followed. The idea of the biggest penis became a veritable obsession not only among male, but among female part of population. The softer sex firmly and consistently sticks to the idea that the size does matter. And that is not just a popular belief, which does not have any real grounds for support. The sexologists try to dispute this belief, to undermine it, asserting that it is not the size, but the real skill that matters. The women do not listen to them, they believe better in actual sexual experiences of other females, who happened to enjoy having sex with really impressively equipped guys! The memories are so vivid and unforgettable that other females stat looking for a guy with the "biggest penis in the neighborhood", even from the sheer curiosity! And the guys have to respond to the challenge, to stand up for the honor and dignity of the stronger sex!

Nevertheless, some people got actually involved into the research of the problem: what are the dimensions of the biggest penis recorded officially or unofficially? Another interesting question was whether the biggest and the average penis sizes differ among the male persons of different countries and races.

If we reformulate the question, spreading its scope among all representatives of mammal species living on the Erath, then we would have to recognize the obvious: human males are rather modestly sized in this respect. The winning species would be the blue whale males, with longest recorded penis of 11 feet. So, in this respect the winning crown goes to the blue whale, since their males can be considered the most monstrously equipped males in the world.

But if we restrict the question of statistics to the human race, it would be informative to know that certain French surgeon, known by the pseudonym of Jacobus, conducted a specialized study in 19th century. The study was devoted to the problem of the largest manhood size among different nations. As it was discovered, the Muslim Sudanese had the most impressive manhood, nearly a foot in length and two inches in girth. An English physician, Robert Chartham, conducted another research in the 1960. He came to conclusion that according to the criterion of the penis size the biggest manhood was found among the English and the German men, the smallest - among the Swedish.

Still, there are many physicians who disagree with Chatham's conclusions. They maintain the idea that any substantial statistical difference in penis sizes cannot be detected among different races. White, black and yellow people tend to have the same average penis size of about six inches.

The males' obsession with the desire to be the guy with the most monstrous manhood in the town gave a huge boost to the whole industry. This industry was specifically developed for catering to many men's desire to increase their penis dimensions, both in length and girth. The increase, desirably, should be a substantial one in comparison with what they were endowed by Mother Nature.

Lots of men in different age groups spend considerable funds each year on penis enhancement pills, vacuum pumps, penile extenders. The industry is flourishing. The growing demand have given birth to various shady companies, which make pretty good money on the frustrations of the guys with undersized penises, with erection problems, with low sexual drive and premature ejaculation irregularities - in general, all those representatives of the stronger sex who are dissatisfied with their sexual life and performance. What they offer them is worthless junk, sheer shame and waste of money and time.

This does not mean that there are no really efficient methods of penis enlargement or libido boosting that can bring noticeable positive results. Such methods do exist.

The choice of sexual enhancement method depends on the problem a guy suffers. For instance, if the problem concentrates around low appetite for having sex, then the tired and fatigued libido needs to be recharged. In this case a good-quality, thoroughly testes and proved brand of all-natural herbal pills can be recommended. Such reputable brands have proven to be excellent libido booster and they also helps very well for fighting off poor and short-staying erections. Remember that the really efficient enhancement pill packages always come with 100% money-back guarantee!

Still, when the problem is with the small penis size, the pills would not help at all. In this case a guy should make usage of penile extenders, if he is of relaxed type of personality without great self-motivation. For determined people, capable of discipline and persistence, natural penile extension exercises would be the best choice. Besides being free of charge, the exercises are the safest way to increase your manhood dimensions!