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Pain Medicines


The words opioid and narcotic are fairly interchangeable. Most pain medicines fall within these two groups. Because almost all pain medicines can make people sleepy they are called narcotics.

Narco- \ nar' ko- \ [Gk narke numbness] A combination form meaning numbness, narcosis.

Narcotic Transdermals:

Duragesic patch, Janssen Pharmaceutica. David Critz, pharmaceutical rep.

Fentanyl 25 ug/hr, 50 ug/hr, 75 ug/hr, 100 ug/hr change every 72 hours. This transdermal pain medicine is an excellent choice for chronic treatment. This constant delivery system avoids fluctuations in dosing. For patients undergoing surgery this system prevents the patients from possible side-effects of interrupted medications. Duragesic has shown exceptional pain relief with Rheumatoid Arthritis patients; it works so well in this disease it needs to be part of the diagnosis. This medicine has had another recent victory with my patient who suffers from Porphyia; this lady had suffered with chronic debilitating pain for over 9 years, and is now controled with this medicine. For people who have memory problems this constant pain medicine release is first choice for safety.

The Morphines:

KADIAN, Faulding Laboratories.

20mg, 30mg, 50mg, 60mg, 100mg. Morphine sulfate sustained release form, Dosing is usually once or twice a day. Possibly will have a smoother rise to peak and smoother down slope.

MS Contin: Perdue Fredricks Lab.

30mg, 60mg. slow release morphine, tends to have a lot of nausea associated with its use. MS IR is the immediate release form used for "breakthrough" pain.